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What Our Clients Say:

“We arrived at our Summer home last year and were greeted by an unexpected and very unwelcome guest – Squirrel Nutkin was not a welcome sight hanging from the rafters of our living room! Once we were safely back outside my wife called DFW Area Exterminators while I stood sentry at the porch with a badminton racket…DFW was there within the hour and what could have been an evening of rodent terror, ended up as a minor cleanup job and a great story to tell back at work when I got back. Thanks, DFW…unlike the squirrel, you guys can visit anytime!”

-Marty Nelson



DFW Area Exterminators are proud to serve as one of the leading residential and commercial rodent control pest services in North Texas. We specialize in the removal of Rats, mice, bats, birds and other damage-causing and welfare debilitating wildlife, including non-poisonous and poisonous snakes. Protect your family, home and business from the danger, disease and havoc wreaking potential of rodents and other wildlife pests.

We offer a wide range of rodent and wildlife pest control including, catch and release programs that ensure the pest in question is released far from your property; comprehensive, chew- protectedphysical blockage, barrier systems and sealant procedures, to ensure rodents and other pests can’t enter your home or business in the first place; foliage, brush and weed trimming and removal services that eliminate access and hiding and/or nesting places for unwanted pests; Storage systems for firewood, pet and livestock feed, garbage and other potential attractions for rodents and pests; baiting systems and home preventative plans that evaluate your potential rodent and pest problems and offer solutions to resolve these issues in the future. From finding nests, to trapping and/or poisoning unwanted pests while protecting loved ones and pets, to blocking future access, DFW is your rodent and wildlife pest solution.

Our highly and continuously trained pest professionals wear several hats when resolving your business and residential rodent and wildlife problems. They initially act as a “pest detective”, evaluating your home or business for the presence of these pests by investigating for damage, droppings, access and nests throughout your entire house or structure, including closets, basements and attics. They are also well versed in the behavior and lifestyle preferences of rodents and wildlife pests, having learned about their specific life cycles, shelter, eating and water needs, what time of day or night they are active as well as what attracts and detracts them from your home or business. Finally, once they have implemented the optimal solution for your particular pest control needs, they will continue to monitor your home or business should you choose one of our popular maintenance plans, making sure the environment remains pest-free and “unfriendly”.

If you need any more convincing that it is an absolute necessity to rid your home or business from rodents and other wildlife pests, consider the following:

  • Rats and mice can chew through electrical wiring, including wiring in walls and ceilings, causing fires; they can also eat drywall and insulation, spread disease through ticks, droppings and bites and die inside your walls, leaving an overwhelming odor that can last for months.
  • Bats can also damage your property, chewing walls, insulation and wiring. Their droppings, or bat guano, contain fungus whose spores are microscopic in size and airborne, easily ingested in the lungs and respiratory systems of human beings.
  • Squirrels start the damage at the exterior of your property, chewing through everything from attic vents to vinyl siding. They can chew through an air conditioner, making a nest out of the surrounding insulation and destroying the inner wiring. Once inside your home or business, they will wreak havoc as they become more and more frantic to find an exit.

Stop all your rodent and wildlife pest problems as soon as they begin by calling DFW Area Rodent Control.

Are You Battling A Home Infestation?

If you are currently being held hostage by a home pest infestation, do not hesitate to call our 24/7 emergency phone line and speak to one of our knowledgeable and responsive receptionists. They will start resolving your pest crisis within minutes and our trained and certified technicians will be on their way to you within the hour. Our name describes our ability. Tough Pest Control for the toughest pest infestations. We stand by our name and our work and we won’t quit until the job is done!