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“We arrived at our Summer home last year and were greeted by an unexpected and very unwelcome guest – Squirrel Nutkin was not a welcome sight hanging from the rafters of our living room! Once we were safely back outside my wife called DFW Area Exterminators while I stood sentry at the porch with a badminton racket…DFW was there within the hour and what could have been an evening of rodent terror, ended up as a minor cleanup job and a great story to tell back at work when I got back. Thanks, DFW…unlike the squirrel, you guys can visit anytime!”

-Marty Nelson



While there are countless species of stinging insects all over the world, Texas has the dubious honor of hosting a special few of their very own, terrifying folks of all ages and threatening the lives of those people with allergies who could potentially suffer anaphylactic shock if stung. DFW Area Exterminators is well equipped to eliminate the Yellow Jackets, Baldfaced Hornets, Paper Wasps and Cicada Killers that populate Texas, annually plaguing its residents and visitors with their vicious stings. DFW not only knows these and other stinging insects by sight – we’ve studied their lifestyles, so we can better target their elimination!

Yellow Jackets can be quite aggressive, can sting one victim multiple times, survive for several years and live in colonies that can number in the thousands. Those statistics demand the professional expertise of DFW to ensure their control and elimination from homes and businesses.

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Baldfaced Hornets make the aggression of yellow jackets look like child’s play and we at DFW must confess, they make even the most experienced of us a bit nervous. They will attack when completely unprovoked and live in paper nests they have built by the hundreds and thousands. These Hornets use the “sentry” system, posting two or three hornets outside the nest at all times, At any threat, real or imagined, these sentry hornets will alert the rest of the nest and the resulting swarm will fiercely attack their victim. Multiple stings often require a trip to the emergency room even if the victim is not allergic to stings. We strongly urge you to call DFW if you have a nest of Baldfaced Hornets on your property… and until we arrive with the proper equipment…steer clear!

Paper Wasps commonly build their (paper) nests on window and door frames, as well as inside metal fence posts and worst of all, on metal playground equipment! These wasps are very active during the transitional seasons of fall and spring. They tend to swarm at during these seasons, around high structures like chimneys, and sometimes end up in homes when they fly down the chimneys. Although considered milder than some forms of stinging insects, they can also sting multiple times and can also be viewed as a threatening nuisance when they swarm. DFW can eliminate the threats of paper wasps and protect your home by treating chimney caps and chases, preventing the wasps from entering your home.

Cicada Killers are one of the biggest wasps, growing to one and a half inches in length! They look for sandy soil to build their nests in, ruining lawns and yards in the process. Although large in size, cicada killers are mainly a true threat to….cicadas. Only the females are able to sting humans, and this is a rare occurrence. The male will however get in people’s faces basically putting on an annoying show of aggressiveness. They are a nuisance pest, but their nest digging is destructive to property and their size can appear threatening to people who don’t know about them. If you are tired of ugly holes in your lawn, and big insects trying to intimidate you, call DFW for fast and effective elimination!

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If you are currently being held hostage by a home pest infestation, do not hesitate to call our 24/7 emergency phone line and speak to one of our knowledgeable and responsive receptionists. They will start resolving your pest crisis within minutes and our trained and certified technicians will be on their way to you within the hour. Our name describes our ability. Tough Pest Control for the toughest pest infestations. We stand by our name and our work and we won’t quit until the job is done!