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What Our Clients Say:

“We arrived at our Summer home last year and were greeted by an unexpected and very unwelcome guest – Squirrel Nutkin was not a welcome sight hanging from the rafters of our living room! Once we were safely back outside my wife called DFW Area Exterminators while I stood sentry at the porch with a badminton racket…DFW was there within the hour and what could have been an evening of rodent terror, ended up as a minor cleanup job and a great story to tell back at work when I got back. Thanks, DFW…unlike the squirrel, you guys can visit anytime!”

-Marty Nelson



At DFW Area Exterminators, we have no need to be told that termites can be a “Texas-sized” problem. There are few things more devastating than to discover the evidence of termite produced sawdust and chewed wood in your home or yard. Unfortunately, wooden structures in Texas have a more than 70% chance of being infested by termites, usually within the first 20 years of construction if the soil beneath them isn’t pretreated by chemicals or a physical barrier prior to construction. While pre-treatment seems like an easy solution, regulations and requirements are often not enforced unless a savvy home-buyer specifically requests it of the builder at the time of construction.

No matter how recently your home was constructed, if you haven’t already done so,you should arrange for a comprehensive initial termite inspection. DFW understands the importance of this initial service and prices it accordingly, understanding that early detection and a solid ongoing maintenance relationship makes for good business practice. We don’t try to make our money from finding termites. If you employ DFW you will pay to resolve existing termite issues and insure that your home remains termite free in the future.

When you choose DFW Area Exterminators for your initial termite inspection you will receive a written report which will include:

  • Areas and specific locations of termite infestation, noting whether they are active or inactive;
  • The number of treatments we feel will be necessary to control the infestation
  • A professional rendering of your home or structure, which will visually pinpoint exactly where your termite issues are;
  • Specific causes of the termite infestation, such as wood to soil contact, areas with drainage issues and building additions such as porches and decks.
  • A clear and accurate estimated cost sheet, including all our terms and disclosures
  • A copy of each product recommended to treat your termite issue, listing all ingredients and health and safety warnings.

Our Mission

DFW currently uses several methods to control termite infestation, so that there are always options that meet your personal needs and desires. These include termite baiting systems, chemical or physical barrier systems, as well as various combinations of the two using liquid to soil applications, or foam treatments. Our dry-wood termite infestation solutions include infested wood removal, drilling and liquid treatment options, home fumigation and hot/cold treatments. We will always help you choose the most effective treatment for your individual needs that cause the minimal disruption to your home, loved ones and pets. Our goal is to provide you with termite free homes and property structures keeping personal and environmental safety at the forefront always.

Feel free to check out our competition before signing on with DFW for all your termite infestation issues. We believe our reputation; years of experience and successful and ongoing customer relations speak well for our comprehensive termite control services.

Are You Battling A Home Infestation?

If you are currently being held hostage by a home pest infestation, do not hesitate to call our 24/7 emergency phone line and speak to one of our knowledgeable and responsive receptionists. They will start resolving your pest crisis within minutes and our trained and certified technicians will be on their way to you within the hour. Our name describes our ability. Tough Pest Control for the toughest pest infestations. We stand by our name and our work and we won’t quit until the job is done!